Amatsu Physical therapy

eliminate back pain

eliminate back pain


Amatsu, a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese hands-on therapy which is over 3,000 years old.  Amatsu that can be administered to most muscular-skeletal problems for correction, pain management and rehabilitation. It also addresses the triad of stresses on the body – namely physical, emotional and nutritional factors. The purpose of Amatsu is to aid in the restoration of health and it is extremely effective because it has this core principle.

All Amatsu Practitioners are trained to offer after care life skills advice to clients. These include postural management, Kinetic handling, nutritional guidance and stress management principles. Our minimal treatment protocol in acute cases includes a consultation examination and evaluation; followed by 4-6 weekly sessions, then re-evaluation, and if required a management or rehabilitation programme.  The number of treatments required will also depend on the individual problems.

Amatsu includes:

  1. Massage techniques
  2. Stretching, unwinding, neuromuscular techniques etc.
  3. Positioning, postural ergonomics, alignment methods etc.
  4. Muscle energy, resistive, passive, articulations etc.
  5. Pressure points, Acupressure/Shiatsu.


It is not just physical injury that can cause problems. Amatsu therapy is based on the idea of the Godai or ‘Big Five’ – five areas that interact and influence the way our body responds to life.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL: where, when and how you do what you do.
  • PHYSICAL: your bodies structure, bones, muscles and ligaments.
  • EMOTIONAL: your thought processes, emotions, beliefs and values.
  • CHEMICAL: your hormones, digestive system, the food you eat etc.
  • ELECTRICAL: your nervous and energy systems.

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