Money Coaching

financial freedomStuck with money? Finding the same patterns playing out with how you use money? Are your money patterns reflected in other aspects of your life?

‘How you do money, is how you do everything’ Kendall Summerhawk, Money Coach

We are a group that looks at patterns and belief structures around money.

Using a comprehensive Money Coaching Package, mixed with Theta Healing Techniques we will take you on a journey to improve your personal and generic relationships with money.

Week 1: Money ‘Matters’ – clearing your money clutter, be-friending money and facing up to the reality

Week 2: Healing your blueprint of money – permission to make more, transforming your inheritance, Forgiveness

Week 3: Debt pay off plan

Week 4: Breakthrough with money techniques including self worth, gratitude and healing the consciousness

Week 5: Claim your power with money – as it says on the tin – we will look at claiming your right to earn more, to succeed and what fits with you RIGHT NOW and MOVING FORWARD.

Week 6: Your relationship with money – what are your priorities with Money?

We meet weekly 7pm – 9pm, Tuesday evenings at a venue in St Leonard’s.


It is important to attend ALL sessions – however, if necessary we can do a catch up via phone or skype but at an EXTRA cost of £60ph

Investment to transform your life: Just £197 for all 6 sessions just £33 per session if paid in FULL

£250 in 6 instalments

In a small supportive group environment we will look at the elements that prevent you from having the abundance you want and deserve in your life. Coaching through the stages in taking responsibility, making a difference and clearing up your money stories, whilst taking physical action to improve your relationship to money and your life.

We use proactive realistic techniques whilst also diving deeply into the conscious and subconscious using meditation and Theta techniques to clear the energetic vibration so you can transform your awareness to money.

The techniques are simple and WORK.

You want to move into 2016 to a place of abundance and worth? Then join us..

In grace, Sarah


What they have said:


Working with Sarah has empowered me to make different choices regarding my relationship with myself and money in a sensitive, yet powerful way. I had been in a cycle for many years of living beyond my means spending money I didn’t have in order to feel that I had my needs met, which led to be constantly in debt with credit cards, over drafts, personal loans etc…and also believing that I would never have ‘enough’ money in my life.


I feel I have reclaimed my power with regard to my spending and my general relationship with money and have changed lifelong habits and ways of being, including self worth issues and this is invaluable. I have remained debt free since January 2011 and have also begun to save a regular monthly amount, something I haven’t done since I was a child!


Thanks to Sarah and the work completed I have started another Yoga class, I have increased the price of all of my group and 1-1 sessions and had an increase in numbers, I am saving money on a regular basis Working with Sarah has been great, although of course not always a comfortable process, but through the discomfort I have shifted a lot of old beliefs around myself and around money which enables me to grow not only myself but my business in a positive way.


Much gratitude to Sarah for her gentle yet consistent/persistent approach to holding the space for me to do this deep work! ***KF Bedford ***

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