Dance With Our Shadows

We learned to dance with our Shadow
Yes, we danced with our Shadow
And Mother Held us Close
Don’t you know she held us Close
And one Darling girl, she saw me There
Don’t you know she saw me There
And the Stars they welcomed us Home
Don’t you know they welcomed us Home
And in our our Circle, yes in our Circle
We changed the sand to Mud
And I dug down deep, and I brought to my Face
I made a ball and offered it to GrandMama Moon
Don’t ya know I hope it comes real Soon
Yeah I hope it comes real Soon
The change that will set us Free
And make it so we don’t have to Be
Know we don’t have to Be, afraid of You
And your no longer afraid of Me
We came Together, yes we came Together
And we danced to the Rhythm of her Song
And when that moon first started comin’ Up
We found ourselves lost in her Love
We were lost in her Love
And then we danced with our Shadow
Yes we learned to dance with our Shadows
Oh we all have shadows, and we learned to love that Too
Yes to love dat too, there below that shining Moon
On the edge of the Lake, on the cold damp Sand
I took my mama’s hand, and I applied Her Grace
Right their to my Face, and saw beyond it All
That we are not Small
And the Sky is both blue and Black
And I saw we can find our way Back
To how this World use to Be
When the Children all lived Free
We don’t have to follow their Plan
And we can learn to Understand
To dance with our Shadow
Don’t you know to dance with our Shadow
Hold our hearts open to the Sand
We can form a different Clan
Don’t be afraid to let it Go
Yes, everything that you Know
And learn to let nature teach You
For Mama always has Loved You
Yes, Mama always has loved You
Your Mama always has loved You
And she so wants to teach You Too
How to Dance with your Shadow
Come and learn to Dance with your Shadow
And as we all Dance with our Shadow
All the things we don’t like Fall Away
Yeah, right down to the Clay
And if we stay and Dance Long Enough
There will be know one there to Call our Bluff
Cause if we stay and Dance long Enough
We’ll turn to Softness we won’t be Rough
Oh no, we won’t be Rough
Our Hearts will begin to Glow
Underneath that moonshine you Know
And here’s what the voices Said
They said, Oh, don’t give Up
You are so very Close
I will hold you Close
Until you make it Through
You are in my Heart and My Mind
Yes, you are in my Heart and My Mind
All your Friends in this Divine
Here in my Heart, here in my Mind
Trust me Friend
This is not the End
Walk now True, Dance under my Moon
We’ll be Free Soon, we’ll be free Soon
And the Stars will sing a Chorus
We saw you all looking for Us
One day we’ll all Dance with our Shadows
Because that’s how this Dream Grows
Dance with our Shadows
Until that water from the Mud above our Toes
That’s how we’ll Know
We danced with our Shadows
We all Danced with our Shadows
By: Healing Starimg_2691

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